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Welcome to the Prunty Ranch, where a century of tradition meets the demands of 21st century horsemen.

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Horses raised as nature intended:  As they have been for a hundred years, the Prunty Ranch horses are raised on the open range, in the sagebrush country of northeastern Nevada and southern Idaho.  Our foals come of age on the high desert, nurtured as much by the landscape as by their dams, evoking millennia upon millennia of deeply-rooted equine instinct as they mature.

Quality range-bred horses are hard to come by.  Our foals move with the foraging herd, traveling every day.  Not only does this work to develop physically superior horses, but by raising foals in a herd, as nature intended, mentally healthy horses are created.  From birth, the foals learn to traverse rocky, brushy country, cross streams, graze, and to respect the herd dynamic.  In other words, our foals learn to handle themselves physically, deal with a variety of naturally occurring challenges, and to submit to dominant herd members--all of this translates directly to a foal’s future relationship with humans. 

Our unique program offers a blend of past, present, and future. Prunty Horses are the living renaissance of the horses that truly won the West, with the hardiness and natural intelligence of yesteryear’s mounts tempered by the dispositions and conformations of modern-day bloodlines.  Visit our History Page for an in-depth tour. 

The Prunty Ranch proudly offers primarily AQHA and APHA registered horses, as well as a few grade horses from select mares, to suit a variety of purposes and pocketbooks.  See our herd sires.

The Prunty Ranch was one of the ranches featured in renowned photographer Dave Stoecklein's book, The American Quarter Horse, written by Becky Prunty. 

Prunty horses are competitively priced for today’s horse market.  From weanlings to finished bridle horses, we strive to meet the needs of today’s rider-- for work, pleasure, or performance. 

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The General Store at Prunty Ranch
On ranches in the west, people make a good portion of their own gear.  We are adding a section that will include some of the gear we and our friends make.  Featured first are cinches made by Jennifer Whiteley.  Also read the article about Jennifer in the November 2009 Western Horseman Magazine.

Bridle & Bit article - February 2013 Charles Hill prepares Prunty Ranches 2011 filly for horse auction to benefit Ben Avery Mounted Shooting Development Fund.

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Please contact us for further information and with any questions you may have.  We look forward to introducing you to these outstanding ranch horses and having you become part of the legend of the open range.

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